My name is Michael and I’m the Cloud Fanatic.


With over 8 years of experience in IT, my primary areas of focus are: Cloud ☁️ , DevOps ♾️ , SRE, automation 🔧 , CI/CD, Python 🐍 & GO, Infrastructure as the code, Kubernetes, Terraform & Terragrunt.

I’m the founder of clean-ansible, a tool to detect incorrect variables before the provisioning process, and
buddie.pro - a platform to better manage student time.

I’m certified in the Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and Alibaba certification programs.

Outside work, you can find me at the airport, as I’m a Cessna pilot. In my free time, together with my beloved wife, we’re trying to get out of town to Scandinavia, of which we’re a huge fan.

I created this website to track everything related to my engineering profession and my hobbies - travel, and planes.

Feel Free to explore:


I'm always happy to help! Don't hestitate to reach out.

Please be informed that I'm not a Linkedin member because of my work-life balance. The best way to reach me is via email - contact@headincl0ud.com.